Limited guarantee on delayed orders this week due to high chance of delay, please Click Here for Details! NEW INVENTORY is LIVE 11/28! FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $169!

Important Cyber Monday Week Guarantee Notice

Dear Customers,
We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy and enjoying the turn of the holiday season. We are excited and blessed to continue our operations through the difficulties of this pandemic, and are looking forward to taking care of all of you this last month of 2020.

With COVID going on, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are causing unprecedented levels of shipping with UPS and FedEx. Shipping has already surpassed holiday levels of 2019 before even entering the season. This past week before Thanksgiving, we experienced an unusually high number of delays that lasted a full day beyond the expected delivery time. Sadly, when shipping live animals in the cold weather, a delay of one day could be fatal, regardless of the 40 hour heat packs we ship with.

Next week, because of Black Friday weekend orders and Cyber Monday, UPS and FedEx are expected to process over 8 million packages per day. Projections are still increasing by the day. As such, the chances of delay this week are much higher than usual. 

As was the case throughout COVID, neither of the carriers are guaranteeing delivery times or offering any insurance. However, we just cannot afford to bear the full risk of this when we know that delays will occur even more frequently during Cyber Monday Week. Still, we understand that you all have schedules and might need to order during those days next week, and we won't leave you on your own in the case of a delay, either. As such, we are implementing a MODIFIED GUARANTEE POLICY for DELAYED ORDERS ONLY next week.

  • If you experience a delay while shipping this week, we will issue credit for 50% of the losses caused by the delay. We may extend this through the rest of the week if shipping volume and chances of delay are still high.

As always, unless you mention so in the order notes or send us an email, we will ship your order on the soonest possible shipping day. Meaning, if you place an order over the weekend, it will ship Monday and be under the modified guarantee unless you let us know otherwise.

While shipping volume on the carriers will continue to be high through the holidays, we expect and hope things to smooth out a bit by the end of next week and the following week starting Mon 12/7 to be much smoother.

We are ordering a TON of fish and inverts for the coming weeks, so inventory and pricing should be fantastic! We will also be offering gift cards for sale this week, as there isn't a better gift for your fish-addicted loved ones than a Reef Beauties Gift Card!

Stay tuned for our restock emails every Saturday evening, and please don't hesitate to email us at with any questions or concerns about shipping. Most importantly, stay safe and take care of yourselves this holiday season. We thank you for your continued support of small businesses during COVID-19, we would not be here without you!


Happy Holidays!

The Reef Beauties Team