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Bali Aquarich Captive-Bred Fish

These incredible captive-bred fishhave finally arrived, direct from Bali Aquarich!

Captive-bred fish have unique colorations, patterning, and most importantly, are significantly hardier than their wild counterparts.

Particularly with the Regal, Multibar, Venustus, and Goldflake Angels, which are known to be extremely difficult to keep in captivity, these strong and readily eating captive-bred angels are a huge breakthrough in the reefing world.

Please note, these fish require multiple feedings per day, and are only guaranteed for live arrival; even though they are extremely hardy, they are small and very expensive, and we just cannot verify that your environment is suitable for them to thrive.

We are offering these captive-bred fish at the LOWEST PRICE​​ available online, and they are READY TO SHIP on our next business day!


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