Holiday Shipping Delay Alert

Dear Customers,

Happy Holidays from the Reef Beauties Team!

Unfortunately this is the most difficult time of year for shipping live animals, due to cold weather and increased risk of shipping delay.

UPS is NOT guaranteeing morning delivery times during the holidays, so many packages have been getting delivered later in the day. While we pride ourselves in maintaining the shortest shipping times of ANY online store, these are longer journeys than usual.

To avoid this, please consider shipping to a UPS Access Point to allow for a much smoother journey for the animals. Packages tend to get delivered at UPS Access Points first before trucks go on residential deliveries. Please be sure to check the store hours of the UPS Access Point you choose to ship to.

How to Ship to a UPS Access Point

To ship to a UPS Access Point, simply enter the address of your preferred UPS Access Point location as your Shipping Address, and write "UPS HOLD FOR PICKUP" on the "Company" line. That will ensure your package goes directly there, significantly reducing the chance of shipping delay and exposure to the cold.

We thank you as always for all of your care and consideration, and wish you all a wonderful, merry holiday season full of joy!

The Reef Beauties Team